How and Why we start this business

ASOS, derives from family name and two kids initials (A, S), and "O", stand for “OR” "S" stand for Sporting.

ASOS first started selling online on two big E-commerce platforms in 2010 under "BigDealsMarket" by Amera Family. We started our E-commerce model from a garage in Sacramento and 2013 my husband got a job offer that we could not refuse so we moved to Seattle WA. In 2014 Feb 14th I deliver the best surprise for my husband and the result was 2014 Oct we had a first kid and had a small pause in the online business. I restart the business after a year and successfully did for 2 years and had to pause it for the second kid. Restart the business in 2018 and since then I have been doing it full time. By the way we have two wonderful daughters. 

As a stay home mom I was mainly engage in the business daily, due to my husband’s busy travel schedule statewide, he been helping me over the weekends.

Now we are dedicated to developed are own brand ASOS. Due to current pandemic our family lost the main fixed income. This opportunity have given my husband to rethink of developing our own E-commerce brand. As a result first we decided to open up our own website to sell products and near future we are planning to developed ASOS as brand and totally dedicate for our own brand.